October 1, 2012

Bod Pod Results

So that Bod Pod thing I mentioned like 3 months ago ended last week. I felt pretty good about myself even though I didn't follow it bit by bit because of our half marathon training. But for people not knowing where to start it was a great guideline to get on the healthy scale and start eating right and exercising right.

I got my results and the lady was so thrilled with my progress she dragged me around to every person's office in the building. It was really embarrassing but yet semi rewarding.

I lost 3.2% body weight, gained 1.7% muscle mass, and lost 9.5 lbs during Bod Pod.

Which brings my Texas weight loss total to 12 lbs since we moved here. I have 9 lbs to go to my goal and I plan on running everyday and body rocking 5 days a week once we move to CA and I get my sand bag back. There will be no back tracking for this girl! I feel really great and want to continue that!

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